A Training Institute For Girls

Academic life  
Academic life encompasses a five-day week from Monday to Friday. The academic program is divided into basic two categories of academic curriculum and home economics.
The Curriculum.
Regular academic subjects as prescribed by the Ministry of Education i.e. Science, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Literature, Geography, History, etc.


can be summarized in a categories:

Discipline and Training in Worship.

Bromley girls are taught to cultivate the attitude of worship through the reverence and respect of God through our Savior Jesus Christ and obedience to His will for their lives at all times. All girls are expected to attend regular morning and evening prayers, and to be present at Sunday Services. Everyone must own a Bible and must use it at the services. Training in Worship also means that each girl is afforded the opportunity to design and to lead a meditation. All Episcopal schools, and Bromley is no exception, propagate the Episcopal liturgy in forms of worship and discipline.

Campus and Dormitory Life.

Girls at Bromley Mission are trained in various phases of organizing and running a household; this includes work in the kitchen, dining hall, dormitories, yard, Chapel, classroom as well as the clinic. Students practice efficiency at the laundry, (washing and ironing). Fellowship provides the family atmosphere so important to daily growth and psychological health. Entertainment in the form of sports, family videos and fun nights, make up part of the weekend life at Bromley Parents/Guardians are encouraged to visit on the weekends if they so desire.

Extra Curricular Activities.

Bromley girls are given the opportunity to learn, practice and develop individual leadership potential. Leadership roles are practiced through the many on-campus organizations and activities. Such as the Girls Friendly Society, Sports Association, Altar Guild, Choir, Sunday school, Drama Club, and the School Newspaper.


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